Did you know Motion Pictures came into
existence, because of a horse?
Once upon a time,
there lived a King, with the most wierdest doubt on earth:
“Are all four feet of a horse off the ground
at the same time, while galloping?”

Nobody had an answer!
Up until then, most artists
painted horses at a trot with
atleast one foot on the ground.
He needed a scientific fact!
Hence, he seeked help from
the Star Photographer
of the kingdom, Edward.
For 6 years, Edward tried clicking
pictures of Sallie, the horse, while galloping.
He failed, again and again
to capture the right moment.
One fine day,
while walking along a race track,
he got a brilliant idea!!
Why not click
continuous pictures
instead of a single one?
Edward set up a series of 24 cameras along the track.
and arranged for Sallie, the horse, to start the show.
BOOM!! Edward's hardwork finally paid off.
He could finally capture the moment with
all the four legs of the horse off the ground.
Little did he know, that those
‘animal locomotion’
photos were the initial steps of
building a wonderful world of
‘Motion Pictures’
This is the semi-fictional account of the story of Eadweard Muybridge.
Born in 1830, he pioneered the first motion picture in 1878.
Every motion picture has a great story behind it.
“Share it to the world.”
Show the world, the filmmaker in you!